Business Fusion, LLC (Full Quote)

"Michelle was recommended to me by an associate, because she was extremely knowledgeable in the use of computers and software but spoke in plain language that we "non-techies" could understand. I had a new piece of software I wanted her to install and help us learn how to use. Much to my surprise, her initial questions drove me back to thinking through why I wanted to do this for my business."

"Her questions and curiosity about my business and my customers (even before we signed any contract) not only gave me a clear idea of what I wanted to do to improve my business but she became quickly knowledgeable about the nature of my business. The result was that we then jointly could talk simply but intelligently about how I could use technology to improve my business results."

"The result was a software-supported, changed method of how I deal with my customers after the initial contact leading to dramatic cost savings. She also revised my "everybody needs one" web site so that it actually is used now by potential customers and has led to a much broader customer base. Her hands-on, plain language training got us quickly using our new tools (rather than in the past where we just showed them off to people to demonstrate that we had the latest thing)."

"I would highly recommend Michelle if what you are looking for is how to use technology to make a real impact on your business."

-Sam Cavallaro, Owner

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