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More About Pricing...

There are many variables that will affect the cost of your project, and each project is unique, but ultimately what it comes down to is time and materials. We understand that paying an hourly rate can often be frustrating, because you may pay for several hours of work and not end up with a product that meets your satisfaction. Our approach is to use project-based pricing. We will meet with you and outline your needs in writing to clarify expectations before the project begins. Then we will give you a cost to complete the project. The price will not change unless the project changes. We understand that it is hard to know if you can afford something unless you have a sense of what it costs. Keeping in mind that every project is different, website can range (on average) from $500 for something small and simple to $5000 for something larger with dynamic content.

We will be adding sample website packages and more pricing information about hosting and other services in the near future to help you better understand our pricing structure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and remember, the initial consultation is FREE!


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